A Born and Bred Conservative

Born and Bred Conservative

Jayer’s work ethic was forged during his time as an electrician at Williamson Electrical. Jayer started out as a third man on an electrical truck and moved his way up to owning the business today. Not only did he continue his father’s legacy as a small business owner, but he also served as Santa Rosa County Commissioner after his father’s passing. While there, he helped the county keep taxes and crime rates low, and supported our high standards for education. Jayer doesn’t pretend to be conservative - his work in our community speaks for itself. And he’ll take those homegrown values all the way to the Florida House.

Accountability in Government

As state representative, Jayer has held monthly office hours in Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties where constituents may show up with no appointment to discuss their needs. Jayer believes government should be transparent and held accountable by the people it represents.

Growing the Economy, Creating Jobs

As a third-generation electrical contractor and small business owner, Jayer has real life experience in creating jobs. He’ll use that business experience to help create high-quality jobs in Northwest Florida.

Support for Our Veterans

Our servicemen and women have sacrificed so much for our country. Jayer will ensure veterans get the support they deserve for their dedicated service.

End Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement. They shelter and protect illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes. Jayer is completely and unequivocally opposed to sanctuary cities and will fight to to put an end to this dangerous practice.